domingo, 21 de junho de 2009

The similarities and differences between me and my older brother

I have an older brother that is a lot different than me in fashion and in taste for clothes in general!! Our sisters say that I am the one with the best taste for clothes. First of all, my brother has a long straight hair, unlike me, for my hair is really short. He likes to wear a fanny pack around his waist, and I just think that this kind of accessory is so out of style and a little bit corny too. He is totally into wearing tennis shoes all the time, and even when he is at home, he doesn't like to wear flip flops. I just think that wearing shoes all the time is just terrible for your feet, for they need to breath too!!! Well, it seems that I and my brother don't have anything in common, but we actually like to dress casually most of the time, even when the occasion requires a little bit of formality, we always try to wear something with a touch of informality.

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  1. I and my young sister like the clothes fashionable, because are moderns.We like to use many earrings,necklaces and rings.We're a consumers because buy many purses, clothes and shoes.
    But, I like clothes that are elegants and my sister likes striking.I'm dyed and she is not.I like to use clothes formal and she uses clothes causal.

  2. I'm writting about the differences and similarities on fashion style of my sister and me. Whereas Camila use to wear skirts and dresses, I prefer to use jeans and cut offs. She loves to use shorts, while I only use this kind of clothes on the beach or at home.
    In the other hand, we like to wear dark colors, and subdued colors too. We love to use accessories like belts, bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces.
    We are not so different. Sometimes we can also change our clothes and this is a good thing in our relationship. :D

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  4. My friend Roberta and I have very different tastes in fashion but there are some similarities in our styles. Roberta likes to wear jeans, tank top and I do too.
    We have many diference tastes.Roberta likes to wear black clothes, tennis, jackets, contact lenses, while I prefer wear bright colors clothes, sandals, skirts, dress and glasses. Roberta likes have a look similary japanese design personage. I think it is a flashy style. I prefer to be confortable and fashionable.

  5. I have a friend that likes informal clothes, like me. Such as me, she likes long pants, sandals, earrings and necklaces. We also love big purses.
    But, in spite of I like informal clothes, I also like formal clothes (when the occasion needs), but she doesn’t. Even at the parties she doesn’t use formal clothes. I dye my hair, and she isn’t. I use to tennis shoes, but she hates because, for her, tennis shoes are very hot! She says doesn’t know how I stand them! RS! She loves skirts, but I don’t like much.

  6. My cousin Larah and I have very different tastes in clothes.
    I like basic clothes, sometimes fashionable, but she prefers that kind of clothes I never wear.
    She has two predominant styles. One is the hippie style, then she show it wearing floral dresses or long skirts, and bracelets from beads and tornozeleiras.
    The other style is the "emo" with black clothes, all-star shoes, hair in face and leather bracelets.
    We are very different even though we are live together.

  7. My older sister and I are very different in some things. For example, my older sister and I have different tastes in fashion. My style is basic and discreet. I like to wear jeans and basic T- shirt. My sister wears striking clothes and she loves high heel shoes and I prefer sandals. She uses make-up during all the day and I use make-up only when I go out in the night. Our personality is so much different too. I am friendly and lovable with people and she is offensive and silly sometimes. But when she wants, she is funny. For that reason, we fight frequently.
    Like my sister, my hair is long and straight. We like to use earrings, rings, necklace and watch every day. On Sundays, we used to go to the beach, but, generally, our tastes for music are also different, and for that, we don’t go to the party together. We are very different persons.

  8. My brother and I have a different taste for clothes. Whereas he likes to spend a lot of money on clothes I don't. He likes to accompany the fashion, I'd rather be comfortable than fashionable, I always like to wear jeans, shoes or sneakers and in this same way I go to work, occasionaly, when I need, I dress social clothes, but this is some times. I don't like to dress clothes same to the others ones, I don't like fashion because I think that I'm wearing the same clothe the others people and I don't feel well.
    But there are some similarities between us, like me, my brother use short hair and he doesn't like tatoo or pircen, in the weekends my brother used to wear short and t-shirt, I do too.

  9. I dont have brothers or sister living with me. I was born and was created with my grandmother and grandfather and was living with my uncles. My brothers living in diferent locals in Brazil. Is very hard make a compare. See you friends!